Unitoaster UT 280 V

Perfect toasting with a reliable and compact toaster

The FKI Unitoaster is a toaster that can prepare French hot dog buns, sausage rolls, flutes, burger buns and other similar bread products. With a Unitoaster, you are assured of perfectly warming of the bread so you can deliver a great meal to your customers.
The Conveyor toaster is Easy to operate with just a few buttons on the front, the Conveyor toaster is easy to fit in your kitchen, grill or hot dog stand. The Conveyor toaster is also easy to clean.

By default, there is an energy saving button on all FKI Conveyor toasters. When the energy svaing mode is switched on, the belt stops and the rear heating pipes turn off. When the energy saving function is switched off, the toaster will run again at full heat and the conveyor belt will start.

The fixed throughput time is about 90 seconds.

Variable band speed (V)
The Unitoaster is available with variable belt speed, so you can adapt the throughput time to the specific products. This allows for even wider use of the toaster.

Energy saving model med automatic shut off (E)
The Unitoaster is also available in an energy saving model, where you can save up to 70% of the machine's power consumption. The automatic start/stop function switches the machine off completely when it has not been used for three minutes. If the machine turns off, it will heat up for 20 seconds when you put bread on the conveyor again.



  • Easy heating of bread products
  • Low lifetime cost
  • Fast lead time
  • Saving function (manual)
  • Variable band speed (optional)
  • Energy-saving automatic start/stop (optional)
  • Easy cleaning


  • Heating of bread products, e.g. French hot dog bread, sausage bread, flûtes, burger buns, etc.
  • Energy saving function (manual activation), which partially shuts down the machine when not in use
  • Throughput time about 90 seconds
  • Table model

Additional options

  • Variable band speed (V)
  • Eco energy saving model with auto shut-off (E)

Additional information

External dimensions (W x D x H)

410 x 510 x 420 mm


15-16 Kg. (afhængig af model)


230V / 2,2 kW

Power consumption

9,7 Amp.

Connection frequency

50 Hz


< 45 dB(A)