FKI Unitoaster, also called a conveyor toaster, is one of our best-selling bread toasters. It is ideal for heating bread for hotdogs, halved burger buns and similar bread products. The conveyor toaster is compact, reliable, and easy to operate. This makes it an indispensable machine in most fast-food shops and hotdog stands. The unitoaster has a “grid” band that transports the bread through the machine, and when the bread has made it all the way through, the bread falls into the tray under the conveyor belt. Above the conveyor belt, the unitoaster has glass pipes with heat wires, which heat the bread while it is passing through the machine.

The conveyor toaster is available in two different widths, i.e. with 280 mm and 400 mm heating pipes. The large model can heat more bread at the same time than the 280 mm model. Except from the size, there are no differences between the two models. Also, both models are available with variable belt speed and/or as Eco (energy saving) model. By default, the unitoaster has a energy-saver button (not the Eco model, which does it all automatically). Pressing the energy-saver button on “I” stops the belt and the two rear heating pipes (out of a total of four) turn off. When the energy-saver button is pressed back to “II”, the belt start again and all heating pipes are switched on.

UT 280 Eco

UT 280

Belt width 280 mm

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UT 400 V

UT 400

Belt width 400 mm

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The conveyor toaster with variable belt speed (V) allows you to set the speed of the conveyor belt to suit the bread you need to heat. It gives you more options for heating different types of bread in the toaster without the bread being either burned or not hot enough.

The Eco Model (E) with an efficient and automatic power saver feature can save you up to 70% of the toaster’s power consumption. Therefore, you can quickly earn the toaster’s price in saved power. The Eco model has an automatic start/stop feature that turns off the machine completely when it has not been in use for three minutes. Afterwards, the machine uses 20 seconds to heat up when you put bread in the machine. Using photo cells, the machine detects that you put bread on the conveyor belt, and you do not have to do anything other than laying the bread on the conveyor belt, regardless of whether the machine is running or in energy-saver mode.

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