Hotdog concepts for every need

Our hot dog ccoking concepts show a wide range of equipment for cooking hotdogs. They are based on our many years of experience in the fast food industry and what it takes to meet customer demands.
Read more about each concept below or in our  hotdog concept brochure.

Disk med FKI udstyr i conveniencebutik


When people are at the petrol station or the convenience store they are easily tempted by the good smells of hot food. You can benefit from this by selling food that is nicely presented and smells good in the store.

The customers are tempted to get something to eat when they are in the store anyway. Petrol stations and convenience stores account for a large share of fast food sales, and it is fast and easy for customers to buy a quick meal.

Disk i grillbar / pølsevogn

Hot dog stand

A hot dog stand is equipped with cooking and frying equipment that can make the classic servings; grilled and cooked sausages, hot dogs, French hot dogs, bread, etc.

We have the necessary equipment for your hot dog stand, and we can meet most equipment needs. No matter what you choose to serve, you can get most of the FKI equipment in several sizes to fit the space in your hot dog stand.

Cykel med udstyr til tilberedning af hotdogs

Bike / mobile equipment

We can do many things. Whether it needs to be a large or small set-up does not mean the world to us. Our bike is a good example that we can do some different things out of the ordinary. The bike is easy to get around with and you can use it for events and festivals, where the food is where the customers are located instead of the other way around.

If you need a small or flexible set-up that is easy to transport, we can make a good solution for you.

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